Club Circus Central - Monday


Please fill out a copy of the Household Health Form before attending a class at Circus Central. Please email a completed copy to in advance. Alternatively, print and bring your completed form to class

Aerial - Adult

Mill Lane

Mondays 7.45pm-9.45pm
£5 Drop In
An informal session where you can come and train/ stretch in your chosen discipline. This session is not led by one of our tutors and is time for self directed learning. A member of staff will always be present to help you if you need it and we always foster a community of people willing to share and learn. This session is open to all for acrobatics, manipulation, balance and aerial. NB. If you wish to conduct self-directed training on the aerial kit then you first have to be signed off to have a level of competency to do that. You can get signed off by talking to one of our aerial instructors or undertaking an Adult Aerial Beginners Course (Weds).